The Delilah Collection

Ukrainian Flowers

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Stars & the Night

universe and consciousness expands exponentially

Wonder World

Connect to the world around you

Koi & the Lily

courage and purity entangled


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One Tree is planted for every print sold.

The Delilah COllection

Flowers are a symbol of hope for peace and abundance. Celebrate this with our beautifully designed collection of products and art.

Inspired by the vibrant colors of summer flowers. This collection by artist Adam Klassen in Collaboration with Wrappr is made to bring colour into a sometimes boring world. Like flowers in a spring field The Delilah Collection will bring the vibrance of life and new beginnings to every space.

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Ukrainian Flower

This colourful bouquet of products is inspired by Ukrainian folk art. From the paintings and textiles to the iconic headdresses, flowers are a staple of Ukrainian art and culture. Symbolising love, and the warmth of spring. Flowers remind us of the abundance in life and the hope of things to come.

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Wonder World

Our dreams will manifest into reality. Make your dreams special and your life will follow suit. This piece represents our connection to nature. It is beautiful and rich with life.

Our canvas is designed to meet art galleries' and museum's longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades for up to 200 years old. The printing process is Giclee with Pigment Ink on a Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas 410g/m2.

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